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  • home built Flica 37

  • plywood Romany 34

  • lightweight 14ft Zeta mainhull

  • Strike 15 trimaran at speed

  • 28ft Skoota in British Columbia

  • 10ft 2 sheet ply Duo dinghy

  • 24ft Strider sailing fast

  • 36ft Mirage open deck catamaran

I have written elsewhere about comparing cars to boats. So here is another car speed story.

Back in the early days of motoring, well before WW1, a wealthy car buyer asked for a car that would do the unheard of speed of 40mph. The manufacturers said "sure we can do that". After the car was built the test driver and customer went out for a trial. The driver started down a hill and accelerated. He got to 22mph and the, by then, terrified customer said "Stop, Stop! This is too fast for me".

Think about that when you ask for a fast boat, or maybe consider AC style foils. Do you really want to go that fast? are you a good enough sailor?  is your crew/family equally capable?

When Palamos Boatbuild were building the cruising Flica 37s and performance Banshees the prospective owners always had a choice, fast or slow. Several wanted a compromise and asked that we put a bigger rig on a Flica. So, like the car manufacturer, we said "Sure we can do that". Twice the new owners came back after their first sail and said "sorry, can you change it back to the standard rig, the boat is too fast for us."

These days people looking at used Palamos built Flicas often say "they are too slow" but remember the original owner had a choice, he could have bought a faster boat but chose not to.