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Woods Designs specialise in the design of sailing catamarans for both home and professional builders. However we also have a small range of dinghies, trimarans and power catamarans

Before deciding which boat to build it's worth getting as much information as possible. So apart from this web site we have produced lots more to help you.
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Most of our study plans and building plans are now also available as download versions as an alternative to the more traditional paper plan format.

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Please note: All plans are drawn in metric units.

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  • Beach Cats and Dinghies

    This range of rowing and sailing dinghies and off the beach catamarans complement the larger catamarans designed by Woods Designs

  • Trimarans Under 20ft

    Three daysailing trimarans, each with a plywood hard chine main hull. The Strike 15 is a complete design, the Strike 16 and 18 use a beach cat for the rig and outriggers

  • Catamarans Under 25ft

    The 25ft and under range of designs comprise a variety of trailable boats, either with an open deck layout or with a central cuddy. These boats are suitable for daylight or overnight coastal and "cross-channel" sailing.

  • 25ft to 30ft Catamaran Designs

    The 25ft - 30ft range of designs comprise a wide variety of open deck and bridgedeck boats. These boats have limited load carrying ability and so if sailing long distances you will have to be careful not to overload them.

  • 30 to 40ft Catamarans

    The 30ft - 40ft range of designs comprise a wide variety of open deck and bridgedeck boats.
    These boats have added load carrying and increased seakindliness compared to smaller designs so are more suited for offshore sailing.

  • Catamaran Designs Over 40ft

    The over 40ft range of designs comprise both open and bridge deck cabin boats.
    All these designs are more suited for offshore sailing.We do not recommend home builders to attempt a boat over 40 ft unless experienced and want a boat for charter or long term cruising.
    Most families will find that boats under 40 ft will comfortably meet their needs.

  • Powercats

    In September 2010 we were very pleased to announce the launch of our first powercat design, the trailable Skoota 20. It was a very successful boat which we cruised for two seasons in British Columbia. Three more powercat designs are now available. A centre cockpit, trailable Skoota 24. A 28ft transportable coastal cruiser and a 36ft cruiser. All are semi displacement designs, so not designed for high speeds but rather for good fuel economy and a comfortable ride in any seastate.

    See this article for the reasons why we chose a Skoota 28 as our newest cruising boat

  • About our Download Plans

    Most of our study plans and building plans are now also available as downloads. This is a more convenient option for you as you can receive the plans immediately. It's also more convenient for us as we don't need to spend time in the office printing plans. Thus we sell the downloaded versions at a discount. So if you want to save money when buying the plans (and I'm sure you do!) please consider buying the Download version

    Of course our traditional paper plans are still available. However, they cost more and will take time to arrive by post, so I'm sure you will agree that the downloaded versions are, for most people, the more attractive option. Please note, the paper plan price INCLUDES postage world wide. (But you are responsible for any customs duties and import taxes)

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