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  • home built Flica 37

  • plywood Romany 34

  • lightweight 14ft Zeta mainhull

  • Strike 15 trimaran at speed

  • 28ft Skoota in British Columbia

  • 10ft 2 sheet ply Duo dinghy

  • 24ft Strider sailing fast

  • 36ft Mirage open deck catamaran

They say that a picture tells a thousand words. Well, a video can do even better. It is very difficult to get a good idea of a boat from a description, photos help but a video is the best thing next to actually sailing on the boat oneself. Accordingly, we have produced two 45 minute videos to help illustrate some of the advantages of sailing multihulls, and our boats in particular.

Apart from the videos shown here we also have many other interesting videos on our Woods Designs youtube channel. I add videos regularly (more frequently in the summer) and they now number over 150

The first 45 minute video is "A Day Sail to Russia" which tells the story of our trip from Plymouth to the Soviet Union in 1989. Three of us sailed singlehanded in a convoy of three Strider Clubs. Because they are small boats we only day sailed and moored up each night. We visited 8 countries on our trip and sailed about 3000 miles in 100 days.

It has received good reviews in the press - Yachts and Yachting wrote "This is a highly entertaining is an inspiration to all small boat sailors who fancy something different"

A Day Sail to Russia

Here is a short Youtube trailer...(note there is no sound on the trailer, but there is on the full length version)

The full video can be seen below...

The second 45 minute video is entitled "Multihull Sailors Have More Fun!" and offers a short introduction to the advantages of sailing a multihull, followed by a more detailed look at some of our designs. Boats shown include Quattro 16, Strider, Sagitta, Mira etc while topics covered include interior layouts, performance, keels versus daggerboards, hull shapes, beaching and anchoring etc etc. It is a must for all those who have yet to sail a multihull as well as those who want to know more about our designs.

Multihull Sailors Have More Fun!

Here is a short Youtube trailer. (Note there is no sound on the trailer, but there is on the full length version) The speed boat's wake shows just how fast the trimaran is sailing

And the complete video is available here

Some more of our own videos

Strike 18

Skoota 20

The following are a selection of owners videos I found on YouTube, please email me if you find more and I will add them to the list

Quattro 16