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Shadow sail plan and interior



cold moulded or strip plank hulls, ply decks

LENGTH O.A. 7.3m 24ft
LENGTH W.L. 6.65m 22ft
BEAM O.A. 4.3m 14ft
DISPL (empty) 0.7T 1500lbs
DISPL (loaded) 1.0T 2200lbs
HEADROOM 1.35m 4ft6in
DRAFT 0.55m 222in
SAIL AREA 18.8sq. m 202sqft (25sq.m 270sqft)

sailing under spinnaker, Finland

NOTE: The Shadow is the wooden version of the grp Strider Club and shares the same hulls as the Strider, but is a simpler less racey boat with LAR keels instead of daggerboards and a smaller rig.

A bigger rig (known as F1 rig) is available (25sqm) for those who want more performance.

Here is a short Youtube video, taken from the Multihull Sailors Have More Fun! video, see the Video page for more details

Shadow features low aspect ratio (LAR) keels and a solid cockpit floor with a deep mast beam. All sail controls are simple (no winches) and the cockpit area is kept clear of ropes. The side opening hatches allow safe access when under way.

This is the same basic design as the Strider Club which we sailed as a convoy of 3 boats singlehanded to the Soviet Union in 1989. We lived on board for the 3 months of the trip and sailed over 3000 miles from Plymouth UK to Tallinn.

You can see more about this trip on our video "A Day Sail to Russia"

User Comments:

"She is certainly close winded and tacked round without fuss" Practical Boat Owner

"The longer she is sailed the more she grows on you. She makes a seaworthy coastal cruising boat which offers great satisfaction and enjoyment under sail" Yachting Monthly

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