Under 25' Designs

The 25ft and under range of designs comprise a variety of trailable boats, either with an open deck layout or with a central cuddy. These boats (except Strikes) are suitable for daylight or overnight coastal and "cross-channel" sailing.
Please click on the boat name to see a full description of each boat. NOTE: The Strike 15/16/18 and Acorn plans are sent only as pdf files (page size A4/8inx11in), no paper plans will be sent

Strike 15 4.6m racing trimaran with folding outriggers GBP100

Strike 16

4.8m trimaran using a 14ft beach cat for hulls and rig
GBP75 mainhull only (or GBP120 including Quattro 14 plans)

Strike 18

5.5m trimaran using a 16ft beach cat for hulls and rig
GBP100 mainhull only (or GBP150 including Quattro 16 plans)
Acorn 6.4m simple 2 berth trailable hard chine cat that can use beach cat parts GBP150
Janus 6.6m simple 4 berth trailable cat with dory hulls
Strider The "Classic" trailable catamaran round bilge hulls GBP320
The wooden version of Strider Club, a detuned Strider with LAR keels


7.65m high performance 4 berth trailable catamaran
7.65m a compromise between GWAHIR and STRIDER, still trailable
6.6m folding trailable cat with central cuddy and 5-6 berths
new version now available - hard chine plywood hulls

7.65m version of Wizard strip cedar hulls, ply decks, trailable
new version now available - hard chine plywood hulls

Wizzer 7.65m trailable open deck racing cat, strip cedar hulls ply decks GBP500