Transit - 38ft Performance Cruiser

TRANSIT is a bigger version of Eclipse and Sagitta and has a distinct family resemblance. Most catamarans in this size range are designed for the charter market. Not TRANSIT. We have designed it for those who enjoy sailing and for those who want to cruise with a family.

Various interior layouts are possible. (Click on Images for Larger View)

As with Eclipse, TRANSIT features standing headroom throughout and all round visibility from the saloon. 4 double cabins give lots of privacy for guests or older children. We have drawn a layout that we think will suit most people. However changes are possible providing the main bulkheads are not moved.

For example one of the forward cabins could be replaced with an office. Or the forward cabins could be moved forward to give a dressing area. As drawn the aft cabins have space for a wardrobe, vanity unit and general lockers, but an extra heads compartment, possibly en suite, can be squeezed in.

The centre cockpit offers immense security and a more comfortable ride. Wheel steering is standard, while options include daggerboards or low aspect ratio (LAR) keels . Engines can be a centrally mounted 27hp diesel outboard or twin diesels (20 - 27hp)

We have drawn a rig that is not too extreme, yet it will offer great performance and still be one that is easy to handle. (The genoa is smaller than on the Flica for example.) We are confident that TRANSIT will sail as well as Sagitta and Eclipse.

With far superior load carrying than either Eclipse or Sagitta Transit will be the ideal family sized ocean cruiser.

As should be clear from reading the rest of the site I believe that boats over about 12m/40ft are too large for home builders. It simply takes too long to build a boat this size unaided, life's too short. Thus we will not be selling complete sets of plans. Rather we will be selling hull mouldings and plans to complete them.

This is not only a huge saving in time (many builders take over a year to build the hulls), but also you will have the security of knowing that the hulls have been built to the highest standards. Indeed Dennis Gale who is heading this project built much of my Eclipse. I was very happy with his work. You will be too!

The boat is built using a Divinycell foam core, biaxial and quadraxial glass with polyester resin. The foam is vacuum bagged to ensure adhesion and to minimise weight.

Each hull and side deck fit in a container for transport abroad.

To get an accurate quote and to check availability please contact Dennis Gale at

At this stage we are not selling study plans. Instead we hope that the images shown here will give you the information you need.

You are welcome to visit Millbrook and inspect the first two boats. The third has been finished on the east coast USA.

To discuss ordering hulls and full building plans please email Dennis or ourselves

In November 2008 the first Transit 38 was launched (on the east coast USA), then in May 2009 the second (a Millbrook based boat) was also launched. After a brief sail the builder wrote:

"Bill and I sailed his boat in the Hamoaze; about 5 knots wind, it sails fine; like a giant Strider but tacks faster, we did about 5 knot to windward with apparent wind at 9 something so probably approaching windspeed. Boat steers fine etc." (Photos are from a later sail)

Mike drove down for a test sail and reported:

"Bill's boat is very impressive. Wonderful space and comfort and goes through the sea with a silence and lack of fuss which is astonishing for such a big ship. Spins on a sixpence (as used to be said, perhaps a dime would be better). Bill and Jane are going to the Scillies and back for a test run and then across the Bay to Spain and home to the Med."

Another potential customer who viewed this boat wrote:

"It is an incredibly roomy boat, but also very light, I was impressed by the layout, on the way up from Plymouth in about 20-26 knts of wind she was merrily going along at 12-14 knots very comfortably."


Richard Woods
Foss Quay, Millbrook, Torpoint, Cornwall, PL10 1EN, UK
TRANSIT Performance Cruiser


grp round bilge hulls, foam sandwich decks

grp production boat

(NOTE Plans will not be drawn for wood construction.)

LENGTH O.A. 11.55m
LENGTH W.L. 10.92m
BEAM OA 6.7m
DISPL (empty) 4.5 - 5T (fit-out dependent)
DISPL (loaded to WL) 6.82T
HEADROOM 1.9m saloon, 2m hulls

DRAFT 0.9m (daggerboard version)
(1.1m LAR keel version)

SAIL AREA 76.2sq m
Air Draft 17.5m
Mast Height 15m
Bridge deck Clearance 600mm


You can judge the size of the hulls by the two laminators working on boat no 3

Bridge-deck of boat no 1 being fitted Oct 2006, sidedecks are ready to fit to hulls.

Below are photos of Transit no 3 taken in December 2007