Sailing 1

Production grp Shadow "Strider Club"

Plenty of room for 6-8 people day sailing. A larger rig is available, but the jib still tacks down to the mast beam thus leaving the cockpit clear of ropes.

It's possible to sail with the tent rigged

It is possible to sail with the tent up, but windage can be a problem

There is someone on board - looking out through the forward tent windows

Shadow dried out with tent up

The tent takes only a few minutes to put up and has been used in gale force winds. The result is a nice dry comfortable extra cabin with room for a double bunk

Sailing fast across the English Channel
Shadow is safe and comfortable for coastal sailing - up to about 70 miles non stop. After that you'll get tired and want to rest the next day!!
Photo shows boat crossing the English Channel to France - about 120 miles from Plymouth