Interior 1

3 children in one hull
It's very hard to see, but you might just make out the face of another child between the two girls
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A place for everything - and everything in its place. This boat was one of the Strider Clubs that we sailed to the Soviet Union in 1989.
Launching trollies mean road trailer does not go in the water
The Shadow/Strider Club is trailable, but because of the keels and large cockpit tray it is not as easy as the standard Strider. The trailer system shown here includes a specific road trailer and launching trollies. This means the main road trailer does not get wet. If you plan to only trail occasionally then launching trollies make sense as it is easy to hire a flat bed trailer when required.
Drying out in Holland
Shallow keels and fixed rudders make it safe and easy to dry out. Note, even in the hard sand of Holland the keels have sunk in several inches