Exterior 1

Pop bottom detail showing control strings


One of the major features on both Sango and Wizard is the "Pop Bottom" Many boats have a "Pop Top" but we believe this is the first time that a boat has a lowering floor.
When sailing the bottom is raised so is essentially flush with the rest of the bridgedeck. When at anchor the bottom can be lowered to form a nacelle. The bottom is then only a few inches above the water so it cannot be sailed in this position. However, when used in conjunction with the raised hatch it does mean that there is full standing headroom in the cuddy when moored.

This photo shows the control lines used to raise the floor and also to lock it in the down position

Image of popbottom2.jpg

We now recommend using webbing straps as hinges as they allow for a greater movement

Pop bottom viewed from aft

Pop bottom and aft beam trailer chocks

This photo also shows the aft beam pivot bolt and the aft trailer chocks. These prevent the aft trailer support from slipping off the boat.