Gypsy Materials List

(Approx, excluding waste)
All plywood to be best quality Marine grade Gaboon ply. Sheet sizes are 8' x 4', 2440 x 1220. But the hulls can be built using 8' x 5' if available to save making butt joints.
All timber to be at least "Joinery Quality". Unless noted otherwise all timber is softwood, eg Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar or similar. All timber is "PAR", or "Planed all Round".  Thus sizes given are nominal, ie 2" x 1" has a finished planed size of approx 45mm x 20mm. (Note: It is usually cheaper to buy 2" x 1" and cut it in half to create 1" x 1").
Epoxy glue is recommended for all glue joints as it is the strongest and most watertight glue. However, it disadvantages are cost, toxicity, waste and slow mixing times. Thus, except for high stress areas (beams etc) glue joints can be made with polyurethene glue (eg Balcotan) or similar.

Sheet Ply
9mm ply 24 sheets if 8' x 4' or 16 sheets 8' x 5' and 4 sheets 8' x 4'
11/2" x 3/4" 120m, 2" x 1" 80m
300g glass cloth  20Kg, Epoxy 30Kg, Polyurethene Glue 15Kg (or use more epoxy)
1" x 14g "Gripfast" nails 5Kg
Flat Panel
600/300g or 600/225 Biaxial/mat 165Kg, 300g (CSM) 30Kg, 600g Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) 60Kg
Gelcoat 35kg, Laminating resin (Low Styrene recommended) 400kg, Bonding Paste approx 20Kg
10mm scored/contour foam  (eg Termanto , Divinycell etc) 45m2
Strip plank
10mm Western Red Cedar 50m2
600g Biaxial glass 100kg, Epoxy 150Kg, Polyurethene Glue 10Kg (or use extra epoxy)
CUDDY & DECKS (All Versions)
4mm ply 2 sheets (or use 6mm ply instead)
6mmply 15 sheets
9mm ply 20 sheets
12mm ply 1 sheet
18mm ply 1/2 sheet
2" x 1"  250m
1" x 1" 30m
3" x 2"  8 off 5100mm
Polyurethene glue 10Kg,  epoxy glue 35Kg plus fillers to suit
600g biaxial glass 5Kg, 300g cloth  25Kg
2Kg  1" x 12g  "Gripfast" nails
1Kg  3/4" x 14g "Gripfast" nails
paint, fillers as required