Eclipse Building Photos

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Hull bottom prior to glassing
The hull bottom below the knuckle is strip planked, the topsides can be ply or strip plank. The photo shows a hull after turning over but before cleaning up the planking and glassing the inner skin. Note how the lay of planks change as the boat narrows aft.


Eclipse hull bottom after glassing
Another view of the same hull, but now with the inside glassing done. Note this boat will have plywood topsides. Just visible is the lower "gunwale" used to attach the ply topsides to the lower strip plank section.

Eclipse skeg

This is a detail of the rudder skeg. This helps ease the water flow over the rudder and makes for light steering as well as the ability to sail in a straight line "hands off".

These photos are of a boat being built by Nigel Sheppard, Totnes UK