Sango - 25ft Trailable Performance Cruiser

Sango under sail - colour optional!

Sango was designed as a larger version of Wizard. The extra length implies more speed, more seakindliness and more load carrying ability. The down side is that its a bigger load to trail and the mast is longer and heavier so harder to hoist.

The cuddy is very similar to Wizard, but a bit longer so the galley area is larger. The cross section (see drawing on the Wizard page) is similar to Wizard.

Wings on the hull sides add to the stowage space in the hulls. The cockpit is longer than Wizard's making it more comfortable for a crowd.

A flat panel (plywood) dory hull version, see above and photo below left,is also available for those who prefer simple building over ultimate performance. Hull shape is almost identical to the original. Pink lines are hard chine plywood version, curved lines are strip plank or foam sandwich version.

Sango hull under construction (Wizard hull is similar)

There is a bulge in the hull topsides. This increases interior room and increases bouncy to reduce pitching and nose diving problems

Sango on trailer

The photo shows Sango on a trailer (Wizard is similar). It is legally trailable behind most large cars. Assembly is quick and simple, as on Wizard. Just visible is the cuddy's "pop bottom" in down position. Note also the "wings" on the hulls

The cockpit and cuddy of a Dutch built Sango

A Scottish Sango owner wrote this:

"I'd originally seen the design in the Wizard form on paper and I was also sceptical about the accommodation in the hulls. In reality I've found them to be fine. I've slept in them many times and, although it requires a bit of gymnastics to get into the bunks, they are very comfortable and personally not at all clusterphobic.

I've also had a couple of adults use one hull as their accomodation for a 10 day trip. 5 adults have slept on board and have squeezed 7 adults and children into the cuddy for dinner"

A quote from a Turkish builder

"I have started to build Sango. It is going very well. Here is the latest photo which I took on the sixth working day."

and later I got this photo

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Richard Woods
Foss Quay, Millbrook, Torpoint, Cornwall, PL10 1EN, UK

SANGO 25ft Trailable Cruiser


strip plank hulls, ply cuddy
foam sandwich hulls, cuddy

hard chine plywood hulls, plywood cuddy

LENGTH O.A. 7.7m
LENGTH W.L. 7.65m
BEAM OA 4.5m
DISPL (empty) 0.9T
DISPL (loaded)1.4T
HEADROOM 1.2 - 1.85m
DRAFT 0.3 - 1.2m
SAIL AREA 32.4sq m

Sango sail plan

Sango interior top view


These two photos (above) are of a Russian Sango under construction. Paper plans left my office Jan 2nd, and these photos were received Feb 1st, so they show less than 4 weeks work

Australian Sango at speed, owner quote below

"it is a little quicker than a Farrier 9a, at least the ones in Adelaide. Best speed so far 22.6 knots. I have a photo of it on the gps. Did fly a hull on purpose, all very controlled, all in all its a great little seaboat."

Note: If requested hard chine plywood hull plans will be sent as an email of pdf drawings free of charge when you buy full building plans

You can see more of Sango on line at

I have drawn removable hull cabins for the Wizard and Sango. A sketch is below.

The cabins are removed for trailing and fit one inside the other on the cockpit. The new cabins give more light and ventilation and increase headroom to 1.5m (5ft). Although designed for the hard chine version they can also be fitted to the original strip plank boat. You can see basic drawings HERE.

I am sure once you have got this far with building your boat this will be enough for you.