Updates to Sango and Wizard Plans

Wizard Hard Chine

A builder has pointed out a mistake in the offsets for the Bhd 6 and Transom. (The full size patterns are OK)

Bhd 6

Sheer Height 676mm: Sheer Width 367mm: Upper Chine Height 372mm: Upper Chine Width 362mm: WL Width 223mm


Sheer Height 673mm: Sheer Width 287mm: Upper Chine Height 380mm: Upper Chine Width 280mm: WL Width 123mm

Sango Round Bilge

Offset table

Although the full size patterns are correct I still include an offset table for use as a check. I recently discovered a couple of errors in the table:

Frame 3 WL2 should be 215
Frame 4 WL3 should be 188
Frame 5 WL3 should be 202
Frame 8 WL2 should be 217

Daggerboard Position

The drawings show the daggerboard cases fitted on the outside of the hull. That is so that they do not interfere with the wing lockers. However the photo sheets show the daggerboard case on the inside of the hull. The builder whose boat I photographed chose this position to make it easier to reach and adjust the boards.

There is no real difference in performance between the two positions so the choice is yours.

Sango and Wizard Basic Hard Chine Materials List

Hull planking 12 sheets 6mm ply 3 sheets 9mm ply
Decking 6 sheets 6mm ply
Timber 2in x 1in 200m 1in x 1in 100m
NOTE: all plywood to be best quality gaboon (okume) marine grade
All timber to be best quality softwood eg Douglas fir, sitka spruce, yellow cedar or similar.
NOTE: Timber sizes are nominal. Planed all round (PAR)
Glass sheathing 300g glass cloth (hulls) 36sq m 200g glass cloth (decks) 12sq m Epoxy 30kg min Fastenings Either 1in counter sunk stainless steel self tappers or gripfast/anchorfast barbed ring boat nails Approx 2000 reqd

Wizard needs 3 fewer sheets 6mm ply

Raised hull cabins

These are removable and will fit nest one inside the other and fit on the cockpit for transport. Adds headroom and light to the hulls. CLICK HERE for basic drawings