Year Reviews 1999 - 2011

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1998 Boats mentioned: Gypsy, Savannah 26, Strider, Stealth

1999 Boats mentioned: Eclipse, Gypsy, Flica 37, Sango

2000 Boats mentioned: Eclipse, Elf 26, Flica 34, Savannah 26, Stealth, Strider

2001 Boats mentioned: Bee, Eclipse, Flica 34, Janus, Meander, Skua

2002 Boats mentioned: Eclipse, Flica, Gypsy, Linnet, Merlin, Mira, Rhea, Strider, Skua

2003/4 Boats mentioned: Banshee, Eclipse, Merlin, Surfsong

2005 Boats mentioned: Eclipse, Romany,

2006 Boats mentioned: Eclipse, Gypsy, Merlin, Strider

2007 Boats mentioned: Merlin, Sango, Gypsy, Saturn, Transit

2008 Boats mentioned: Wizard, Gypsy, Mirage, Romany, Sagitta, Banshee, Saturn, Merlin, Sango, Strike, Eclipse, Pixie, Janus, Transit

2009 Boats mentioned: Romany, Wizard, Mirage, Flica, Saturn, Merlin, Sango, Strike, Ondina, Transit, Bee

2010 Boats mentioned: Romany, Shadow, Gypsy, Sango, Strider, Saturn, Banshee, Transit, Strike 16, Strike 18, Skoota, Sagitta

2011 Boats mentioned Skoota 20, Merlin, Transit 38, Saturn, Strike 16, Strike 18, Acorn, Strider, Eclipse, Windsong, Flica, Wizard, Surfsong, Eclipse, Gwahir, Janus

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