New Designs

We have several new designs on the drawing board - namely Eclipse, Romany and Mirage. Further details of these boats will appear on their own pages as the designs develop. But for now, here are brief details.


Eclipse sail plan


This is a larger version of the Gypsy and is a 34' offshore cruiser. It has the same cuddy as Gypsy as that has proven a comfortable size for a couple and occasional guests. The hulls though are much larger and contain genuine double berths and a large shower area.

Romany sail plan

Loading capacity is much increased and there is sufficient displacement to carry the stores needed for a long voyage.

Seakindliness and speed are also improved when compared to Gypsy.

The recommended hull shape is a chined hull rather than dory shaped. This more nearly approximates to a round bilge hull and leads to a more comfortable motion. A round bilge version is also available.

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In early June 2005 it became not a Builders Site but rather a Sailors Site as Brad became the first Romany builder to launch his boat.

He wrote "I launched the Romany yesterday! Her name is "Bombay Duck" She floated about 100mm above her waterlines. I still have to step the mast and add a little more equipment. Can't wait to actually raise sails and go sailing! The crane operator said she weighed 7,000 lbs. Attached is a picture taken 2 days before. I'll have more to send you after I get the film back and then I'll update my website with the actual launch pictures."


This design is a development of the Mira. The prototype ply boat is being built in Canada while a foam sandwich version is well under way in Panama. It has hard chine hulls and centreboards. LAR keels are an option as are several different rigs

Mirage sail plan


Mirage interior layout

Mirage cross section showing chined hull

The Mirage hard chine hulls are similar to those on Romany. The photo below shows the second hull of Mirage no 3 being turned over singlehandedly. This boat is in Florida. Mirage 1 is in Canada, Mirage 2 in Panama

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This is a development of the Sagitta and is a 9.9m (32') performance cruiser with standing headroom throughout. It is available as plans for building with strip plank cedar hulls and ply decks, or as a professionally built grp boat.

Eclipse chart table

The full size chart table is near the companionway and has lots of space around it for instruments etc

Eclipse galley

The galley has large work surfaces,and plenty of lockers. An eye level oven is fitted on the inner side (not visible in this photo) and a freezer under the forward bunk See "Latest News" page and "Review of 2001" for more photos and details


Romany Dimensions
LOA 10.4m
LWL 9.9m
Beam OA 6.2m
Weight empty 2.5T
Weight to WL 4T
Headroom hulls 1.9m
Headroom cuddy 1.85m
Sail Area 55.3 sqm
Draft 0.9m
Mast length 13.5m

Mirage Dimensions
LOA 11m
LWL 10.55m
Beam OA 5.95m
Weight empty 3.1T
Weight to WL 4.4T
Headroom hulls 2.0m
Sail Area 55.9 sqm
Draft 0.95m
Mast length 13.5m


The body plan (hull cross-sections) shown above is typical of the hull shape used on the Sagitta, Eclipse and Transit.

The large knuckle reduces spray and slamming as well as increasing interior space dramatically. It also allows me to draw a large hull flare at the waterline, which means the boat will have a smoother ride through waves and can carry a load better. The hull is V'eed back to just aft of midships, thus helping reduce hull pounding in waves.

Although it is a harder hull shape to build than my earlier designs I feel its advantages make it worth doing.