List of Boat Tests

Over the years a number of magazines have done boat tests on both our production and home builder designs.

Please click on the links below to view the ones that interest you.

Note, for copyright reasons some of the tests are abbreviated.

However, full copies of the tests should be available (at a price) directly from the magazines

Pixie Beach Cat (PBO)

Wizard trailable cat (PBO)

Strider (Boats)

Strider (YW)

Shadow/Strider club (PBO)

Shadow/Strider Club (YM)

Gypsy (MI)

Gypsy (PBO)

Sagitta (PBO)

Sagitta (MI)

Eclipse (Latitudes and Attitudes)

Flica and Banshee (Multihulls)

Banshee (YM)

Flica (YM)